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Welcome to LIHE Industry!

Established in 1998,Ningbo LIHE INC. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds magnets and mechanical seals, dedicated to satisfying customers by providing wide range magnetic products and relative services.

Through years of endeavors, the company has already become a leading manufacturer in magnets and mechanical seals. It possesses perfect technology& quality control system, and passed the audit of TUV Company for the ISO9001 QS. And have enjoyed highly reputation of its reliable products& service from customers in Europe, Middle East &America, etc. It is well known for its determination to be a world-class enterprise. It is famous for its customization flexibilities, competitive prices and rigorous quality control practices.

The company also enjoys advantages form adopting JIT production system. It always engages in supply chain development for holistic benefits together with downstream customers. Its IT expertise is absolutely a powerful weapon, the LOTUS systerm, the INTRANET, E business and implementing ERP system have contributed the company a lot in today¡¯s edging competitiveness.

The company understands that only well educated employees and pleasing enterprise culture could make future survival. Its training programs have already been scheduled till 2003,and its staffs are coming from Microsoft Certified Professionals, American Production & Inventory Control Society and Institute of Supply Management, USA. Despite of the superior reputation already gained, the company never stops its efforts to make differences by continuous improvement. It will not be a surprise that one day, our customers fine the name of LIHE in the list of world fortune forum.


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Ningbo Lihe Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd.

  CEO: Mr.Sea Wang
  ADD:6th Jing Road, Jiangnan Export
         Processing & Trade Zone, Ningbo,
  Zip Code:315801
  Tel: 0086-574-86176300
  E-mail: seaw@lihemag.com

Ningbo Lihe electric Machinery Co.,Ltd.

  CEO: Mr. Dong Sheng
  ADD: 4th Floor , 669 Jin Yuan Road 315105 Yinzhou Centre District Ningbo China

  Zip Code: 315104
  Tel: 0086-574-8303-2200

  Fax: 0086-574-8303-2900

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