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Mechanical seal, mechanical seals

Welcome to LIHE Industry!
LIHE Industry is divided into two companies, LIHE Magnetic Industry Co., LTD, and LIHE Electric & Machinery Co., LTD. It has been a major manufacturer of permanent magnets& mechanical seals, with four producing bases.
LIHE Industry has specialized in manufacturing magnets of AlNiCo, Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo and Rubber Sheets Magnets, and other magnetic applications for the automotive industry and educational magnets. Apart from the permanent magnets, mechanical seals are also the main products in LIHE Industry which including silicone carbide,tungsten carbide, graphite, ceramic (AL2O3) and so on, which are widely used in various fields.

It's our honor and pleasure to get your specific inquiry!

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Mechanical seals
Silicon carbide Tungsten-Carbide Carbon Al2O3
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Permanent magnets
Motor Assembly AlNiCo SmCo Ferrite
Motor Assembly AlNiCo SmCo Ferrite
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Rubber magnets Magnetic Assemblies Pole identifier PTFE Coated Magnets


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Ningbo Lihe Magnetic Industry Co.,Ltd.

  CEO: Mr.Sea Wang
  ADD:6th Jing Road, Jiangnan Export
         Processing & Trade Zone, Ningbo,
  Zip Code:315801
  Tel: 0086-574-86176300
  E-mail: seaw@lihemag.com

Ningbo Lihe electric Machinery Co.,Ltd.

  CEO: Mr. Dong Sheng
  ADD: 4th Floor , 669 Jin Yuan Road 315105 Yinzhou Centre District Ningbo China

  Zip Code: 315104
  Tel: 0086-574-8303-2200

  Fax: 0086-574-8303-2900

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